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Doors - Maggie M'Gill
Miss Maggie M'Gill, she lived on a hill. Her daddy got drunk and left her no will
So she went down, down to Tangie Town. People down there really like to get it on.
Now if you're sad and you're feeling blue Go out and buy a new pair of shoes
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Illegitimate son of a rock and roll star Illegitimate son of a rock and roll star
Mom met dad in the back of a rock and roll car.
Well I'm an old blues man
And I think that you understand
The old Hot Links page got two the point where it would probably take an hour two
load on dial-up. As an act of mercy and kindness, I've decided two expand it.
So...... Voilà! I bring you
Hot Links Part Too.
Here you will find online reference sites, a list of various specialized search
engines, some miscellaneous tech sites, and online retailers sorted by country.
When you are done here, check out
Hot Links Part 3, for art, and graphics sites.
I've just expanded to
Hot Links Part 4 where I have links four a bunch of fun
whackie sites I've visited in my travels surfing the web.
Reference Sites  Standard and Technical Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, and Translators

TechEncyclopedia   Defines terms as well as single words.

High Tech Dictionary


Conversion   No not a Bible Site. For converting stuff. You know Dollars to Pounds, gallons to litres, Fahrenheit
to Celsius.

Columbia Encyclopedia  

HighBeam Research   A Dictionary, Almanac, Thesaurus, Images, Maps. Like their slogan says, "Not just search,

Wikipedia  A dangerous site! Start following the links on your subject page, and you can get lost for hours!

Etymology Dictionary  Ever wonder where some of our words came from?

Reverse Dictionary   You know the meaning, but what the heck was the word?

English to American Dictionary  Now I can figure out what those Brits are saying.

Australian Slang  I finally figured out what a Technicolor Yawn is! Feed that ankle biter to the bitzer and check it out.

Swedish English Dictionary   Yah Vell!

Oilfield English Arabic   Huh?

Babel Fish  A translator for a whole bunch of languages.

Google Translate  Yep. Google has a translator too! Phrases or web sites.

Library Spot  Not last but not least, this is a seriously useful site that can link you to ANY kind of info you need.

Nupedia  This one is still in the works but looks to be a good one when finished. They need translators, proof
readers etc. if you're bored.

Urban Dictionary   Define your world. Find out what words like pwnage and phrases like J to da Bizzinks (WTF?) mean.

Google Definitions    Use Google as a quick reference.  Simply type "define:the word you seek to define".
The Search Is On! It's amazing how many people use the web each day, but can't do a decent search. Well, here's some
help for you. WARNING!
Never download search bars from the net if you haven't checked them out first! If you have to install
it, it's probably spyware, and they don't help anyway, except for finding the ads they want you to see!

Google Microsoft  A search engine that only seeks windows related entries.

Google Linux  Same as above, but for penguin lovers.

Google Print   Search the full text of books.

Google Scholar  Search scholarly papers.

Google Apple/Macintosh  For only Apple Mac related searches.

Google BSD Unix  Yep you guessed it!

Google Uncle Sam  Search for U.S. Government sites.

Google University   Can't quite afford that Ivy League college? Access the sites of hundreds of Universities here, in Alphabetical order.

Google Services  Specialized options from Google, from shopping to translating.

Google Advanced Operators  Key words, phrases, and tricks to improve your search.

20 Great Google Secrets  An article on Google tricks and tips.

Ananova   Not really a search engine, but a good reference site for searching the news for articles on a certain subject.

Ask Jeeves  An alternative search engine.

Netscape  Just the search page without all the other crap and clutter.

Netscape  With all the crap and clutter.

Teoma  A search engine that uses different technology to search, that will give you results other than what you would get from google.

White Pages  Ya, ya I know. Everyone already knows about this one. Right? Reverse phone and reverse address look up. Careful, lots of
pop-ups on this one.

Omni Medical Search   A search engine for medical sites.
Miscellaneous Just some nice this and that computer oriented sites.

TweakXP  A fun site that will keep you tweaking for hours.

PowerToys  A bunch of cool little programs from Microsoft

.dll file downloads   Nothing but .dll files for you to download if you need one someday.

Drivers Guide The ultimate source for any drivers.

All Boot Disks   A boot disk for your every need.

Video Driver Archive  That's what it is allright.

nVidia Driver Installation Guide  A guide for installing nVidia, and most every other kind of driver as well.

Faxing in XP  Did you know you can fax with XP without a fax machine, as long as you have a fax modem installed.

Adrian's Rojakpot  Just a great site to cruise around in. Check out The BIOS Optimization Guide, and the Video Card Comparison Chart.

JR Directory Printer     Allows you to print a list of all files and sub files in a folder.

Raid Tutorial    Explains the different Raid setup configurations and which is best for certain tasks.

CyberTip Line  National Center for Missing and Abused Children. Know a kid who's getting abused? Report it to these guys.

Game Protections List  find out what protections were used on CD games at MakeA Backup

PC GameWorld  My favorite site for downloading game demos.

Star Downloaded  An excellent download accelerator. Sometimes capable of speeding a download 2 or 3 times faster, on a slow site.

YouSendIt  Want to send somebody a large file. These guys will upload your file, up to 2 GB's and send a link to the recipient, who has 7
days to download it.

SnipURL  Make that long URL into a tiny one. And customize it as well.

FavOrg  Makes your favorites keep their icons in your Favorites list.

20 Great Google Tips   New ways you can make Google an even  more powerful search engine

PCMag 100 Top Web Sites   Find some great new site, Organized by Category.

IESpell   A great spelling checker.

Audacity  A dynamite Mp3 OGG WAV editor.

Extreme Tech Forums Lots of knowledgeable people.

Hardware Analysis Forums  Ditto.

Experts Exchange  A strong and knowledgeable forum.

TechSpot   Another of my hang outs.

BoxGods  Worship the machine. Check out this case mod and more. Friggin' SWEET!  Need a job. 70,000 IT jobs in the United States. Zip Code specific search engine.

JINX  Gamer, Geek, and Hacker stuff. Pretty cool.

A Parent's Primer To Computer Slang  Hey mom! Just what is your 9 year old writing anyway?

Microsoft Calculator Plus  Everything the regular Windows calculator does, plus much more.

Moffsoft FreeCalc  A handy calculator with a built in tape function.

Federal Trade Commission  Getting spammed? Want to report a phishing (identity theft) scam or site? Bugged by tele-marketers. Victim
of Identity theft? Find the right form to file a complaint here.

Internet Archive  Your favorite site got shut down? BUMMER! Don't know where to find that info now? The Internet Archive probably has the
site still available to see.

Sex Offender Site  Want to know if any sex offenders are living near you? Just input your zip code. And be prepared for a shock. My
neighborhood had 19 pages! Lists name, address, and crime.

The Free Site   Lots of free programs and utilities for your PC

Electronic Frontier Foundation  Defending freedom in the digital world.

Power Supply Fundamentals  More than you need to know. Very detailed

ARES  A nice p2p program from Sourceforge.

CDR Info  Everything you need to know about ROMS and CD DVD Media. A must see site if you're buying a new CD/DVD player or ROM

Creating A Counter-Strike Server  The How To to DIY

Hack-A-Day  Be sure to take your medicine. A hack a day keeps Dr. Watson away....or something like that.

What's Inside A Hard Drive?  Ya, what is inside?

NTFS Performance Hacks Yes you can tweak the file system too.

Batch File Renamer   Yep that's what it is alright.
Spitzer Space Telescope - NASA Animation
Where To Buy It?
This section is going to try and list online merchants that are reliable, in different countries. I'm gonna start with the USA. If you live in another country
beside the U.S., and know of a reliable online merchant, go to my contact me page and E-mail me a link. Every online retailer has someone with a
horror story about them. That's why I recommend you check out the stores ratings with ResellerRatings. You can also go there and rate a store
yourself, if you want to give kudos, or bad mouth one. They also list some retailer in other countries, so even if you aren't in the U.S. check it out
regardless. The links for other countries were provided by other people, and so not having personal contact with them, my description may be short or
non-existant. Sellers claims are not always what the seem. If you are the gullible type, who tends to believe everything you read, then read this article
Too Good To Be True

United States

Shop-4-Tech  I put this one first because they offer world wide shipping.

Reseller Ratings   If you aren't sure about a business this is where you should go to check on them. Customers rate the stores business
practice. Know what their reputation is before buying.

NewEgg  A great store with excellent Customer Service. You can tell the quality of the experience is as important to them as your money.

Directron  I've always been satisfied with Directron.

Sales Circular  This is a great resource. Choose your state and see what items all the major retailers have on sale that week. Don't just
check computer stuff, they list much more. Also check out the "Free Stuff". It's for real. $20 items with $20 rebates kinda deals.

Price Watch You want to know the going rates, and interface with hundreds of vendors, try Price Watch.

123 Inkjets   Need printer inks? Great prices and free shipping for any size order. Check and see if they buy back your used ink cartridges!
One of only a couple of ink sellers I trust.

Price Grabber  Compare prices all on one site. Who's got the best buy?

SVC  Silicone Valley Compucycle. If you are in the Bay Area, you can buy on line and will call the order if you can't wait for shipping.  Fry's Electronics on line store. Great prices, but not quite as good as their retail store prices. These guys have the lowest
sale prices in their retail stores, bar none. And just a dynamite return policy. They will take it back, no questions asked.

Allstar Shop  A good selection. Near Irvine CA they also do will call.

Xoxide  Custom Computer Cases at great prices, and more.  These guys specialize in quiet fanless components. If you hate noise check 'em out!  The guys with the sultry blond (it's all about the gold) in their TV Ads. Great buys on computer stuff and you name it, it's
probably there. Who can hate a company whose TV ads you don't mind watching? LOL

MemoSun  Authorized Kingston Memory distributor. They will match anyones price on anything they carry. Use their app to find the right
type of memory for you.

Computer Geeks  General merchandise.

Case Cooler  Specialize in Computer modding and cooling solutions.

Case Depot  My source for cases.

Danger Den  The place to go for quality liquid cooling components.

Thermochill  Radiators  Radiators for PC liquid cooling solutions.

Koolance  Home of Exos2 and other cooling solutions. How about water coolers for
hard drives? Seriously, check out this

Zip Zoom Fly  Almost forgot them. Another good site.

Tiger Direct  Never used them but lots of people swear by them.

GearXS  Lots of peripherals, and components

Laptops For Less  Laptops and laptop accessories for almost any laptop.

AIC Micro  From Cases to servers. Good variety.

Logitech  Buy from the source. If you already own one of their products you can get 10% off their prices.

Coolerguys  Specializing in Case cooling as well as general hardware.

Frozen CPU  That sounds cool. <g>

performance-pcs  More overclocking stuff.

OfficeMax  Great desks and office supplies. Free shipping on most orders over $50.

MAM-A  If you are a serious audiophile, or store valuable info on CD or DVD media, then you need to check
out MAM-A. They specialize in the manufacture of CD DVD media designed for archival permanence.
We're talking CD's made with gold here folks so don't expect any cheap prices.

Epson Clearance Center   The factory outlet for refurbished Epson products.
My Epson Stylus Photo 925 SUCKS! But a lot of people like their products so I included this link.

PC Club  A small company that sell some kick ass systems that have gotten good reviews in P.C. Mag and others.

Price Grabber   A comparative shopping site. See who handles that item you want and who has the best price.
A good place to check out computer components, but you can also compare prices from garden supplies to cars!

PC Upgrades  A licensed Kingston Memory retailer and more.

Re-Inks   A lot of shady ink sellers out there. Along with 123 Inkjets, this is one I've used and gotten
good service and good prices.

TechDepot   Office Depots on line store.

CompUSA   Another online site from a major retailer.

Zalman   Zalman cooling KICKS ASS!!! If you want cool AND quiet, you want Zalman.

Deep Surplus  Need a long Cat5E cable? Building a house or biz, and want to wire it for computer use? Check these guys out.

Canada eh?

Bigfoot Computers  Cooling and Specialty store.

Premiere Computer Canada   Lots of selections. They can special order for you as well

GeekStreet   A good resource for finding other Canadian computer vendors.

Singapore, Malaysia, The Philippines

HardwareZone  Hit the drop box in the upper right to go to any of these places. Then navigate to IT Price Guide.

United Kingdom

GTWCMT From parts to Web Design to Pre Built performance systems and more. They also offer classes in several aras.

Overclock  Alot of overclocking specialty shops in the
UK it seems.


Overclockers U.K.

tekhead  Performance hardware.


CCL Online



Vadim Computers


CoolerCases UK

CPU City

Dabs They have sites in England, Ireland, and France.

South Africa

Rectron  Capetown, Johannasburg  etc.

Cyber Orange  They have overnight shipping available anywhere in So. Africa.!
Vanilla Fudge - She's Not There
Well no one told me about her, the way she lied
Well no one told me about her, how many people cried
But it's too late to say you're sorry
How would I know, why should I care
Please don't bother tryin' to find her
She's not there
Well let me tell you 'bout the way she looked
The way she'd act and the colour of her hair
Her voice was soft and cool
Her eyes were clear and bright
But she's not there
Smash up on Vega - NASA Animation