No! Not those kind of Hot Links! Jumpin' Jesus on a pogo stick. Get your mind out of the golf course!
Humble Pie - 79th And Sunset
Well this yellow haired snake sits snug as a bug. Got more angle than a toby jug
Star lock hair pins, honey has faults. Shows her legs when opportunity knocks
Underneath her red sweater, She's a big-deal go-getter
There'll be some dramas inside your pajamas tonight
Ya there's red eyed Ruby with her built up hips. She's got nut crushing boobs and jam tart lips
Says her angle is connections, downtown L.A.
When you know she's just a hustler from the boys' brigade
Like our Universe, the Hot Link pages continue their never ending expansion.
If you were brought to this page from a link, or a search engine, Welcome. This is the third page of
the series. Visit
Hot Links for links to Security, Diagnostics, Benchmarks,and some selected pages
from the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
Hot Links 2 will guide you to Reference Material, Search
Engines, Miscellaneous computer info sites, and links to online sellers world wide.  Actually I'd
appreciate any links you could give of reputable sellers in your country. Use my Contact Me page.
Hot Links 4 is where I collect all the strange stuff I find on line. Like Babies With Beards and Men
Who Look Like Kenny Rogers. Ewww! Gross! Oh well, what can I say but...Enjoy!
Graphics, Media, and Imaging    

Maya 6.0 Personal   An excellent program for learning 3D design.

AndreaMosaic  Allows you to turn your pictures into photo mosaics. A way cool program.

Picasa2  An excellent organizer, and storage program for photos and graphics files from Google. If you have photos all over your
computer, this program can access them and display them in one place. You can also modify captions, and batch edit them.

3D Buzz   Free classes in graphics design on line? Yep. Check out some of the ongoing projects in their forums. Some very cool visual

Paint.NET  Bill Gates let a bunch of students at Washington State take the paint program in windows and turn it into a useful feature rich
application. Something MS should have done long ago.

Digital Photography and Camera Review  They got the goods on Digital

Build your Own DVR   Who needs TIVO when you can build your own?

PowerToys   A series of utilities for Windows from Microsoft. It includes several imaging apps that you may find handy. Especially the
image resizer, RAW image viewer and the CD Slide Show Generator. And we can't forget TweakUi, one of the best of the bunch.

PhotoBucket  An online photo hosting program so you can share photos online or post them to forums

TinyPic  Another photo hosting service.,   The collaborative website of the George Eastman House and International
Center of Photography Alliance

Hex Color Codes  Need that code for that weird color you like. You can find some oddities here like
Bisque, and Ghost White.

Wildcats  ATI vs. nVidia? LOL Check out the video cards that the big dogs use! Can you say
3840x2400 at max refresh rate?

Camcorder Info  That's it. Just Camcorders. Nada mas. We love specialization.

ACE Mega CoDecS Pack  All the codecs you can stand. In one download.

AudioVideoSoft  Lots of free programs. Burners, capture, converters, editors and more.

KXLU  Punk to Classical. The best radio station in the world. From Loyola Marymount U. in Los Angeles. I love
The Blues Hotel. Then of course there's Stella and Reverend Dan on Friday night. HEY REV. DAN... more X-Ray Spex please.

Live365  Their download music site. Good free downloads that change constantly.

Video Capture Cards   577 and counting.

Video Help   Info on using and creating video.

YorkshireWench  A lady I met in a forum. Music Videos by Claire. Does Music videos for movies. Like Bridget Jones' Diary and X-Men.
Check out her site. Beautiful work!

VLC Media Player  Running Firefox? Using Linux? Hate all them different plug-ins especially WMP? Check out this cross platform player!

Grafitti Creator Make your own grafitti. Show us your skilz dog!

W3 Schools The best things in life are free, like this web site developers site. HTML, XHTML, CSS and more free tutorials.

Adobe Light Room   Public Release Beta of high grade photo editing program

ETivo  Free software for your Tivo movies.

10 Free Plug-ins to Enhance Photoshop  They work great with my PaintShop Pro 8.0 too!

All You Need To Know About Ripping DVD's  For us folks who end up making lots of coasters!

AREA at Autodesk  The new place for Maya info and more

camcorder  The place to look if you're in the market for a camcorder

Correcting Optical Distortion  Learn how to correct lens distortion with Photoshop

Digital Photography Review  This would definitely be my first stop before buying
ANY camera!

Digital Camera Pricing  One of thosae compare price services from PC Mag

Equipping Yourself for Photographic Success  What you need in your camera

EtiVo    Solution for people who want to archive their TiVo Recordings.

The Graffiti Creator  Now you can tag your desktop too! LOLz

Jumpcut  An online site to help you make movies.

Digital Face Beautification by Tommer Leyvand  This is an interesting concept that seems to work.

VirtualDub An online AVI capture and editing program, and more.

W3 Schools  This site is very cool. Learn how to create web sites in just about any language from html to SQL Server Scripting. All their
tutorials are absolutely free.
Art...... Some  sites where artists share their work to view. You'll figure out pretty quick, that I like Sci-Fi and Fantasy art.

ArtAttack   Shields up! Incoming! Art tutorials as well.

Slawek's ultimate guide to SF, fantasy, space and surreal art    Guess this one
doesn't need a description! <g>

Fantasya   French Anime?

Elfwood   This one's cool.

Album Cover Art   Did I mention I like album art as well.

Album Cover Network   Dedicated to artwork on Vinyl covers not CD's

pooters Psychedelic Shack   (insert Homer Simpson voice here)  
Mmmmmm.......psychedelic! DOH!

The Bear   "The Bear" is Augustus Owsley Stanley III of Owsley Acid
fame. This is his personal site.

Spaced Out Photo  Check out Paula's site for some really really creative and
interesting portrait work. Definitely not your Sears Photo Studio. I loved this shit!
THEMIS, the Thermal Emissions Imaging System is
onboard NASA's Mars Odyssey. It's images are just
sooooo beautiful. Here's one for you to check out.
This is an image of landslides inside the crater Noctis
Labyrinthus. Click for high res image.
We got our hands on some nuclear material (don't
ask), and bombarded some Indica seeds. This plant
measured 37.5 feet in height. It gave a whole new
meaning to the term "Nuclear Waste"